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Examples of 'decline' in a Sentence


1. He had no choice but to decline the request for a loan.
2. The company had to decline the partnership due to conflicts.
3. They decided to decline the project because of its complexity.
4. She regretfully had to decline the wedding invitation.
5. He had to decline the promotion for family reasons.
6. The artist chose to decline the art gallery's representation.
7. The school had to decline enrollment due to space constraints.
8. They politely decline the offer to lead the fundraising campaign.
9. He had to decline the offer to become the team captain.
10. She decided to decline the request to be a bridesmaid.
11. The government decided to decline the proposal for tax cuts.
12. He politely declined the opportunity to join the board of directors.
13. She had to decline the role in the movie due to scheduling conflicts.
14. They chose to decline the sponsorship offer from the controversial company.
15. The company's profits began to decline after the market crash.
16. His health started to decline after he stopped exercising.
17. Politely decline the offer if it doesn't align with your values.
18. As the evening wore on, the guests' energy levels seemed to decline.
19. They saw a sharp decline in the number of customers during the winter.
20. Despite the numerous attempts to reach him, he continued to decline my calls.
21. The manager didn't decline my proposal outright, but he didn’t seem enthusiastic.
22. The doctor told him to decline any strenuous activity for a few weeks.
23. The population of the endangered species is in decline due to habitat loss.
24. The empire began to decline when internal conflicts started to tear it apart.
25. With the decline of physical media, many people now prefer streaming services.

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