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Examples of 'decompose' in a Sentence

1. The fallen fruit on the ground will naturally decompose, nourishing the surrounding plants.
2. When buried deep in the ground, organic matter decomposes more slowly due to reduced oxygen levels.
3. Decomposing plant material in wetlands helps maintain water quality by removing excess nutrients.
4. The landfill site aims to manage waste by minimizing decomposition and controlling environmental impacts.
5. The decomposition process of wood can take years in a humid environment, contributing to the formation of soil.
6. Microorganisms slowly decompose fallen leaves in the forest.
7. Bacteria help decompose organic waste in landfills.
8. Leaves decompose into nutrient-rich soil over time.
9. Composting can accelerate how organic materials decompose.
10. Fungi actively decompose dead trees in the woods.
11. Nature's decomposers break down organic matter in ecosystems.
12. Scientists study enzymes that aid in organic matter decomposition.
13. Decompose food scraps to reduce methane emissions.
14. Organic matter decomposes differently in anaerobic conditions.
15. Compost bins facilitate kitchen waste decomposition.
16. Decompose leaves to create natural mulch for gardens.
17. Understanding how materials decompose is crucial.
18. Microbes decompose organic pollutants in the soil.
19. Decompose dead plants to return nutrients to the earth.
20. Organic materials decompose at varying rates.
21. Compost piles promote organic matter decomposition.
22. Bacteria decompose waste in sewage treatment plants.
23. Leaves decompose naturally, enriching the soil.
24. Decompose organic matter to minimize environmental impact.
25. Forest ecosystems rely on fungi to decompose organic matter.


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