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Examples of 'decorative' in a Sentence

1. The bakery is known for its decorative cakes, which are often shaped like animals or fictional characters.
2. The decorative stitching on the quilt was done by hand, making it a unique and cherished piece.
3. The decorative mirror on the wall not only served as an art piece but also made the room feel larger.
4. The hotel lobby featured decorative fountains that created a serene and welcoming atmosphere.
5. The decorative tiles in the kitchen had a Mediterranean feel, with patterns in blue and white.
6. Her decorative bookmarks were handmade, and each had a special charm attached to it.
7. The decorative lanterns hanging from the trees created a magical ambiance in the garden at night.
8. She put a decorative rug in the hallway, adding warmth and style to the space.
9. The decorative wrought iron gate made a grand entrance to the historic estate.
10. The decorative vase added elegance to the room.
11. She wore a decorative necklace for the gala.
12. The garden featured decorative stone sculptures.
13. The wedding cake was adorned with decorative flowers.
14. His tie had a decorative pattern of colorful stripes.
15. The curtains had decorative embroidery along the edges.
16. The hotel lobby had a decorative marble floor.
17. The holiday lights created a decorative display.
18. She placed decorative pillows on the sofa.
19. The decorative candles lit up the dining table.
20. The decorative masks were part of the carnival theme.
21. The decorative trim on the dress was intricate.
22. The decorative border framed the artwork beautifully.
23. The decorative plates hung on the kitchen wall.
24. The decorative rugs added warmth to the living room.
25. The decorative details on the building were stunning.
26. The decorative headboard made the bed inviting.
27. The decorative hand-painted tiles adorned the bathroom.
28. The decorative centerpiece was a conversation starter.
29. Her decorative handwriting made the invitations unique.

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