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Examples of 'decoy' in a Sentence

1. The military deployed inflatable tanks as decoys to confuse enemy reconnaissance.
2. The art exhibit featured a lifelike sculpture as a decoy to surprise visitors.
3. The fisherman placed a bright lure in the water as a decoy to attract larger fish.
4. The bank installed security cameras to monitor potential decoy attempts by thieves.
5. The treasure map turned out to be a decoy, leading adventurers on a wild goose chase.
6. The garden had a scarecrow as a decoy to keep birds away from the crops.
7. The hacker used a fake email as a decoy to spread malware.
8. The zoo used robotic animals as decoys to observe and study animal behavior.
9. The magician's trick involved a hidden compartment with a decoy rabbit.
10. The wildlife photographer used a realistic bird call as a decoy to capture elusive species on camera.
11. The police used a mannequin dressed as a police officer as a decoy in a sting operation.
12. The art heist involved swapping a forgery for the original painting, using the forgery as a decoy.
13. The expedition team set up a fake campsite as a decoy to deter potential thieves from their main base.
14. The spy used a clever decoy to divert attention from his true mission.
15. The hunters set up a decoy to attract ducks to their shooting range.
16. Criminals often employ decoys to divert police attention.
17. The elaborate costume served as a decoy during the heist.
18. The decoy distracted the guards while the thieves made their escape.
19. The fake jewelry was a clever decoy to hide the real gems.
20. The protest was a decoy to draw attention away from the main event.
21. She used a decoy profile to expose the online scammer.
22. The decoy car led the paparazzi away from the celebrity's home.
23. The decoy package contained a tracking device to catch thieves.
24. The decoy tactic successfully misled the enemy during the battle.

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