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Examples of 'decree' in a Sentence

1. The new decree made it mandatory for all cars to undergo emissions testing annually.
2. The villagers rejoiced when the local government passed a decree protecting their land from industrial development.
3. The emperor’s decree was carried throughout the land by a network of messengers on horseback.
4. The judge’s decree stated that the property would be equally divided among the siblings.
5. A decree from the queen established the creation of a new public park in honor of her late husband.
6. The decree of bankruptcy allowed the company to restructure its debts and attempt to become profitable again.
7. The senate issued a decree commending the bravery of the soldiers who defended the nation.
8. The tribal leader’s decree was always respected and adhered to as a matter of tradition and honor.
9. The citizens were anxiously waiting for the decree that would lift the curfew and allow them to resume normal activities.
10. The king issued a royal decree to lower taxes and ease the burden on citizens.
11. Following a lengthy legal battle, the court's final decree officially dissolved their marriage.
12. A presidential decree declared a new national holiday to celebrate cultural diversity.
13. To address noise complaints, the city council passed a strict decree limiting loud gatherings.
14. During the pandemic, the government's decree imposed a nightly curfew to curb the virus's spread.
15. An unexpected royal decree granted amnesty, releasing political prisoners and fostering reconciliation.
16. In response to the pandemic, the school board issued a decree requiring students to wear masks.
17. The judge's final decree resolved the complex property dispute between the feuding neighbors.
18. A royal decree celebrated a distinguished scientist's contributions to the field of physics.
19. The emperor's sweeping decree transformed the nation's legal landscape, leading to judicial reforms.
20. Responding to environmental concerns, the mayor issued a decree banning single-use plastic bags.
21. In a time of crisis, the religious leader's decree called for unity and solidarity among the faithful.
22. A decree from the governor allocated substantial funds to improve local infrastructure.
23. To preserve the city's historic charm, the council passed a decree protecting its architectural heritage.
24. Upholding the constitutionality of the law, the court issued a landmark decree with far-reaching implications.

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