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Examples of 'decrepit' in a Sentence

1. They found a decrepit, forgotten treasure hidden in the attic.
2. The old barn stood decrepit, with a sagging roof and peeling paint.
3. The decrepit mansion had a haunting, eerie atmosphere.
4. The town's decrepit library desperately needed renovation.
5. The decrepit ship creaked and groaned as it sailed through rough seas.
6. She stumbled upon a decrepit, abandoned amusement park.
7. The decrepit hospital had not seen renovations in decades.
8. The village's decrepit well had run dry long ago.
9. They explored a decrepit, forgotten subway tunnel.
10. The decrepit lighthouse guided ships with its feeble beacon.
11. The decrepit chapel was a place of solitude and reflection.
12. The decrepit schoolhouse was a relic from another era.
13. The decrepit bridge swayed in the wind, a risky path.
14. The decrepit ruins held secrets of a bygone civilization.
15. The old, decrepit house on the corner was rumored to be haunted.
16. His car was so decrepit that it would often break down on the way to work.
17. The abandoned factory was a decrepit building with broken windows and graffiti on the walls.
18. The town’s decrepit bridge was finally replaced after years of being a safety hazard.
19. The once-grand theater had become decrepit through years of neglect and disrepair.
20. She inherited a decrepit cottage in the countryside that needed a lot of renovation.
21. The old man walked with a cane, his decrepit legs barely supporting him.
22. The museum acquired a decrepit painting and spent years restoring it to its original glory.
23. The decrepit playground was replaced by the community with new equipment and a safer environment for children.
24. The dog was found in a decrepit barn, hungry and in need of care.
25. The old bookshop, though decrepit, was a treasure trove of rare books and manuscripts.
26. They found a decrepit boat washed ashore and decided to repair it over the summer.
27. The antique chair was decrepit, with faded upholstery and a wobbly leg.
28. The decrepit fence around the property could barely stand against the wind.
29. Despite the piano's decrepit appearance, it still produced beautiful music when played.

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