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Examples of 'deduce' in a Sentence


1. From your expression, I can deduce that you are not pleased with the news.
2. By comparing different sources, historians can deduce what likely happened in the past.
3. The jury will deduce if the defendant is guilty based on the evidence presented.
4. With the clues provided, the reader can deduce the solution before the detective reveals it.
5. Market analysts will deduce future trends based on current market data.
6. The chemist will deduce the properties of the new compound through various experiments.
7. Through a series of questions, the psychologist will deduce the patient’s state of mind.
8. She will deduce the ingredients used in the dish by tasting it carefully.
9. The coach will deduce the other team’s strategy by watching their previous games.
10. The software can deduce errors in the code and suggest fixes.
11. By analyzing the language, a linguist can deduce the origin of a text.
12. With enough observation, a naturalist can deduce the behavior patterns of animals.
13. The archaeologist will deduce the purpose of ancient tools by studying their shapes and materials.
14. From the financial statements, the auditor can deduce the overall health of the company.


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