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Examples of 'deduct' in a Sentence

1. The bank will deduct the transaction charges from your account.
2. If you return the item, we'll deduct a restocking fee.
3. Always deduct the initial investment to calculate net profit.
4. She forgot to deduct the tip, making the bill higher.
5. The accountant will deduct all allowable expenses from the gross income.
6. Make sure to deduct the loan interest from the payment.
7. I asked him to deduct the damaged goods from the total cost.
8. They will deduct a portion for maintenance from your refund.
9. Before paying, you need to deduct the employee contributions.
10. He failed to deduct the promotional offers, causing an overcharge.
11. The software will automatically deduct the discounts during checkout.
12. She uses a spreadsheet to deduct expenses and track savings.
13. After you deduct the shipping costs, what's the net profit?
14. I'll deduct the advance from the amount owed to you.
15. The cashier didn't deduct my loyalty points at checkout.
16. Once we deduct the overheads, the event barely broke even.
17. Always deduct any grants or aid when estimating college costs.
18. Before finalizing, let's deduct the charitable donations.
19. The company will deduct a small fee for early withdrawals.
20. They will deduct the commission and then send you the balance.

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