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Examples of 'defalcate' in a Sentence

1. The new financial software makes it almost impossible for employees to defalcate funds.
2. They hatched a plan to defalcate the funds raised for disaster relief.
3. The board members were shocked to find out that their trusted colleague had tried to defalcate company funds.
4. The investigation revealed that several individuals conspired to defalcate government funds.
5. He attempted to defalcate the inheritance money entrusted to him for the orphans.
6. The financial controller set up fake vendor accounts to defalcate from the firm.
7. To defalcate funds without being noticed, the bookkeeper made many small transactions over several months.
8. Banks have stringent measures in place to ensure employees do not defalcate funds.
9. The cashier made up fictitious refunds to defalcate from the retail store.
10. The finance officer used a complex network of accounts to defalcate funds undetected.
11. She had to defalcate from the funds out of desperation, but she knew it was wrong.
12. The employees didn’t realize that by not reporting the irregularities, they were helping their boss to defalcate.
13. The non-profit organization lost its credibility when it was revealed that the director had defalcated donation funds.
14. The politician was accused of defalcating public funds for personal expenses.

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