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Examples of 'defect' in a Sentence

1. The doctor diagnosed the heart defect during the prenatal ultrasound.
2. The defect in the wiring led to a short circuit and a power outage.
3. The defect in his character made it difficult for him to maintain healthy relationships.
4. The defect in the design of the bridge posed safety risks to motorists.
5. The organization implemented a quality control process to minimize defects in their products.
6. The product was recalled due to a manufacturing defect.
7. Her kindness overshadowed any personal defect.
8. Detecting a defect early can prevent costly repairs.
9. The car's safety was compromised by a critical defect.
10. A single defect can impact the entire production line.
11. The software update fixed a critical defect in the system.
12. Perfection is an elusive goal; we all have some defect.
13. The defect in the painting was barely noticeable.
14. Identifying a genetic defect is crucial for medical treatment.
15. A minor defect in the design led to usability issues.
16. The defect was hidden beneath layers of paint.
17. His character's only defect was a tendency to procrastinate.
18. Engineers worked tirelessly to eliminate the defect.
19. The defect in the diamond reduced its value significantly.
20. A small defect in the circuit board caused the malfunction.
21. She accepted her physical defect with grace and confidence.
22. The inspector discovered a critical defect in the structure.
23. Detecting a defect early in production saves time and money.
24. The manufacturer issued a recall due to a safety defect.
25. Even with its defect, the antique clock held sentimental value.

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