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Examples of 'defender' in a Sentence

1. The defender of human rights tirelessly fought against injustice and discrimination.
2. The military sent additional troops to support the defenders of the border.
3. The dog acted as a loyal defender, barking fiercely at any perceived threat.
4. The defender of truth exposed the lies and deceit of corrupt politicians.
5. The lawyer provided a strong defense as the defendant's trusted defender.
6. The security guard stood tall as the defender of the building, ensuring its safety.
7. The defender of free speech passionately advocated for the right to express diverse opinions.
8. The parents served as the defender of their child's well-being, advocating for their rights.
9. The community rallied behind the defender of local heritage to preserve historical landmarks.
10. The superhero was known as the city's defender, protecting it from villains and crime.
11. The defender of education fought for equal opportunities and quality schooling for all children.
12. The team captain inspired his teammates to play with the spirit of defenders, not giving up.
13. The defender of privacy rights challenged invasive surveillance practices.
14. The defender of the weak stood up against bullies and supported the oppressed.


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