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Examples of 'defiance' in a Sentence


1. The employee's defiance of the company policy led to disciplinary action.
2. The artist's work was a form of artistic defiance against societal norms.
3. The activist's defiant speech inspired others to join the cause.
4. The criminal's defiance in court earned them a harsher sentence.
5. The leader's defiance of international laws sparked outrage among neighboring countries.
6. The politician's defiance of party regulations led to their expulsion.
7. The prisoner's defiance towards the guards resulted in solitary confinement.
8. The student's defiant behavior disrupted the classroom environment.
9. The citizen's defiance of the curfew imposed by the government sparked a peaceful protest.
10. The driver's defiant attitude towards traffic laws put others at risk.
11. The public figure's defiant statements ignited a heated debate.
12. The employee's defiance of safety protocols led to an accident in the workplace.
13. The athlete's defiance of doping regulations resulted in disqualification from the competition.
14. The defendant's defiant plea of not guilty challenged the prosecution's case.

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