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Examples of 'defiant' in a Sentence

1. The defiant artist pushed boundaries and broke conventions.
2. She gave a defiant speech that stirred hearts.
3. Their defiant love story defied all odds and prevailed.
4. The defiant athlete's perseverance was an inspiration.
5. Her defiant determination paved the way for change.
6. The defiant leader rallied supporters behind a common cause.
7. His defiant grin in the face of criticism showed resilience.
8. The defiant manifesto called for a revolution.
9. With defiant courage, they faced the storm head-on.
10. The activists' defiant stance led to social progress.
11. Through defiant lyrics, he challenged the establishment.
12. The crowd's defiant roar was a declaration of unity.
13. Their defiant acts of civil disobedience were powerful.
14. She approached challenges with a defiant determination to overcome.
15. The student was defiant and refused to follow the teacher's instructions.
16. The politician gave a defiant speech, challenging the opposition.
17. The rebel group remained defiant despite the government's attempts to suppress them.
18. The athlete's defiant spirit motivated them to push past their limits.
19. The artist's work had a defiant message that challenged societal norms.
20. The criminal showed a defiant demeanor during their trial.
21. The prisoner refused to cooperate and remained defiant towards the authorities.
22. The employee's defiant behavior resulted in disciplinary action.
23. The activist's actions were seen as defiant towards the established system.
24. The child's defiant behavior was a result of feeling unheard and misunderstood.
25. The soldier remained defiant in the face of danger, carrying out their mission with bravery.

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