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Examples of 'defibrillator' in a Sentence


1. The ambulance was equipped with a portable defibrillator for emergencies.
2. The defibrillator's electric shock can restart the heart's normal rhythm.
3. Every police car now carries a defibrillator to respond to cardiac incidents.
4. The hospital staff received training on how to use the new defibrillator.
5. The paramedic quickly grabbed the defibrillator to revive the man who had collapsed.
6. The airport was equipped with a defibrillator in case of cardiac emergencies among travelers.
7. It's important for gyms to have a defibrillator on site, as intense exercise can sometimes lead to heart problems.
8. The school nurse was trained in the use of a defibrillator to ensure the safety of the students.
9. They raised funds to purchase a defibrillator for the community center.
10. The defibrillator saved her life when she had a heart attack during a marathon.
11. The lifeguard rushed to get the defibrillator when he saw a swimmer in distress.
12. Knowing how to properly use a defibrillator is an essential skill for first responders.
13. The defibrillator delivered a shock, and the patient's heartbeat returned to normal.
14. Every second counts, so having a defibrillator nearby can be the difference between life and death.
15. The doctor recommended that he should have an implantable defibrillator due to his heart condition.
16. The instructions on the defibrillator were clear, so even a bystander could use it in an emergency.
17. The train was equipped with a defibrillator, and the conductor was trained in its use.
18. The sports arena installed a defibrillator to enhance safety measures during events.
19. The defibrillator in the shopping mall was used to save a shopper who had a cardiac arrest.

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