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Examples of 'deficient' in a Sentence

1. His diet was deficient in fiber, leading to various digestive issues.
2. The detective concluded that the suspect’s alibi was deficient and lacked credibility.
3. Despite the school’s reputation, the curriculum was disappointingly deficient in hands-on learning experiences.
4. Her iron-deficient condition made her constantly tired and weak.
5. The plumber's work was deficient, so we had to call someone else to fix the leaks.
6. The student's deficient math skills required extra tutoring.
7. A deficient supply of food led to shortages during the crisis.
8. The report highlighted the project's deficient budget planning.
9. A deficient immune system can make you more susceptible to illnesses.
10. Her leadership was criticized for being deficient in communication.
11. The old building had deficient insulation, leading to high energy bills.
12. His deficient knowledge of the subject was evident during the exam.
13. A deficient diet can result in various health problems.
14. The deficient staffing levels caused delays in project completion.
15. The car's deficient brakes posed a safety risk.
16. The company faced penalties for its deficient environmental practices.
17. The deficient infrastructure hindered economic development.
18. A deficient understanding of cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings.
19. The deficient training program left employees unprepared.
20. Their deficient response to the crisis disappointed many.
21. A deficient budget can limit opportunities for growth.
22. The athlete's deficient performance was unexpected.
23. Deficient equipment slowed down the construction project.
24. Addressing the deficient security measures is a top priority.
25. The deficient support system left him feeling isolated.

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