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Examples of 'definitive' in a Sentence

1. The album was considered the definitive collection of the artist's work.
2. The scientist's discovery was considered the definitive breakthrough in the field.
3. The company's report was considered the definitive analysis of the market.
4. The musician's performance was considered the definitive interpretation of the piece.
5. The company's new technology was considered the definitive innovation in the industry.
6. The encyclopedia stands as the definitive source of knowledge.
7. His research is viewed as the definitive work in the field.
8. The court's judgment is the definitive decision in the case.
9. Their consensus represents the definitive answer to the question.
10. His performance in the championship was nothing short of definitive.
11. This comprehensive book is the definitive guide to the topic.
12. The expert's opinion is regarded as definitive by colleagues.
13. The treaty remains the definitive agreement between nations.
14. The final report is expected to provide a definitive analysis.
15. The documentary offers a definitive account of the historical era.
16. The scientist's groundbreaking discovery is the definitive breakthrough.
17. Her explanation serves as the definitive clarification we needed.
18. The concert was a definitive showcase of musical talent.
19. The survey results provide definitive data on the subject.
20. The recipe is the definitive way to prepare that famous dish.
21. His decision is considered the definitive conclusion to the debate.
22. The artist's masterpiece is seen as the definitive artwork.
23. The consensus among experts offers the definitive perspective.
24. The judge's ruling stands as the definitive verdict.
25. The film remains the definitive portrayal of the iconic character.

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