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Examples of 'defraud' in a Sentence

1. The insurance fraudster intentionally caused a car accident to defraud the insurance company.
2. The art dealer was discovered to have sold counterfeit paintings, defrauding collectors and art enthusiasts.
3. The fake charity organization aimed to defraud kind-hearted donors by misusing the donated funds.
4. The con artist posed as a financial advisor to defraud elderly individuals out of their retirement savings.
5. The scammer sent phishing emails in an attempt to defraud people of their personal information.
6. Perpetrators often defraud unsuspecting victims using sophisticated online scams.
7. The company's executives conspired to defraud investors of millions.
8. He attempted to defraud the insurance company with a fake claim.
9. The elaborate scheme aimed to defraud the government of tax revenue.
10. She fell victim to a clever con artist who defrauded her of her life savings.
11. The counterfeit product was designed to defraud consumers.
12. They conspired to defraud the bank through a complex financial fraud.
13. Detecting attempts to defraud customers is a priority for the cybersecurity team.
14. The Ponzi scheme defrauded thousands of people out of their investments.
15. The art forger managed to defraud collectors for years before being caught.
16. The scam artist used charm to defraud the elderly of their retirement funds.
17. The fraudulent charity was set up to defraud donors of their money.
18. He was arrested for attempting to defraud customers through false advertising.
19. The hackers sought to defraud individuals by stealing their personal information.
20. The counterfeit money was used to defraud businesses across the city.
21. The elaborate Ponzi scheme defrauded investors of billions.
22. The elaborate Ponzi scheme defrauded investors of billions.
23. She was sentenced to prison for her role in a massive healthcare fraud to defraud patients.
24. The elaborate Ponzi scheme defrauded investors of billions.
25. The elaborate Ponzi scheme defrauded investors of billions.

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