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Examples of 'defunct' in a Sentence

1. The defunct amusement park was eerie, with rusting rides and empty stalls.
2. The defunct spacecraft remains in orbit, serving as a satellite graveyard.
3. Nostalgia filled the room as they discussed their favorite defunct TV shows.
4. The government plans to demolish the defunct power plant next year.
5. Many defunct brands are becoming popular again thanks to retro trends.
6. The defunct coal mine has since been transformed into a tourist attraction.
7. We visited a defunct military base that is now a museum and event space.
8. The island houses a defunct lighthouse, which has become a popular photo spot.
9. He collects memorabilia from defunct airlines as a unique hobby.
10. The law is now defunct after being declared unconstitutional by the courts.
11. The defunct website had been an important archive for early internet culture.
12. Investors are hesitant to pour money into the defunct shopping mall.
13. The defunct newspaper was revived in a digital format by a group of journalists.
14. My grandfather told stories of a defunct train station he used as a young man.
15. The defunct factory district is now a bustling area full of cafes and galleries.
16. The defunct ski resort was bought and restored by an enthusiastic entrepreneur.
17. The stadium was abandoned and defunct for years before its recent renovation.
18. I keep a defunct camera as a reminder of my early days in photography.
19. The defunct video store has become a quirky local coffee shop.
20. We walked past a defunct gas station, now covered in ivy and flowers.
21. A defunct theater downtown is being considered for historical preservation.
22. The defunct robotics company was once a pioneer in AI technology.
23. The defunct asylum has been the subject of many urban legends and myths.
24. After the merger, the defunct logo was replaced with a new, modern design.

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