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Examples of 'deject' in a Sentence

1. The protesters deface government buildings to voice their discontent.
2. They deface road signs by scratching out important information.
3. It is disrespectful to deface someone's personal belongings.
4. The mischievous children deface their school desks with markers.
5. The artists were asked not to deface the gallery walls during their exhibition.
6. The company hired security guards to prevent anyone from defacing their property.
7. The community came together to clean up and restore the defaced park benches.
8. The school principal warned students about the consequences of attempting to deface school property.
9. The anti-war protesters deface recruitment posters with their messages of peace.
10. The graffiti artist was caught red-handed, defacing the side of a building.
11. It is an offense to deface public restroom walls with graffiti.
12. The artist decided to deface his own mural and start over.
13. The park authorities installed surveillance cameras to deter people from defacing the statues.
14. They deface historical documents with their unauthorized edits.

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