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Examples of 'delegate' in a Sentence

1. They will delegate the logistics of the conference to a professional event planner.
2. The CEO should delegate day-to-day operations to focus on strategic planning.
3. To manage time efficiently, it’s important to delegate non-essential tasks.
4. She will delegate the task of responding to emails to her secretary.
5. It's wise to delegate work to individuals who have the skills and knowledge required.
6. If you delegate responsibilities well, it helps in building a stronger team.
7. The director will delegate the role of handling social media to the marketing department.
8. You can delegate some household chores to your children to teach them responsibility.
9. During peak seasons, it’s crucial for restaurant managers to delegate tasks effectively.
10. To avoid burnout, it is important for entrepreneurs to delegate certain aspects of the business.
11. He has to delegate his office duties when he's on a business trip.
12. The governor will delegate the handling of the crisis to a special committee.
13. As the team grows, the leader needs to delegate more to maintain efficiency.
14. The manager delegated the responsibility for the project to the team leader.

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