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Examples of 'delegation' in a Sentence

1. The delegation was tasked with exploring diplomatic solutions to the crisis.
2. The delegation was granted full access to the research facilities.
3. Delegation of power is necessary for a functional democracy.
4. The delegation of responsibilities among team members promotes collaboration.
5. The delegation of duties allowed the department to run smoothly.
6. The company sent a delegation to the trade show to showcase their products.
7. The delegation represented a diverse range of interests and perspectives.
8. Effective delegation of resources is crucial in disaster relief efforts.
9. The delegation was responsible for assessing the environmental impact of the project.
10. The delegation of decision-making authority empowers employees.
11. The delegation reported back with their recommendations for policy changes.
12. The delegation worked tirelessly to address human rights issues.
13. Delegation of tasks allowed him to focus on strategic planning.
14. The delegation of assignments was based on each team member's strengths.
15. The delegation of funding to the nonprofit organization supported their mission.
16. The delegation of roles within the team ensured a balanced workload.
17. The delegation played a key role in negotiating the peace treaty.
18. Delegation of responsibilities in the company hierarchy streamlines operations.
19. The delegation was well-prepared to represent their community's interests.
20. The delegation from the foreign country arrived to discuss trade agreements.
21. He was the head of the delegation that represented the company at the conference.
22. The delegation was welcomed by the host country's leaders.
23. The EU sent a large delegation to the summit.
24. The delegation was in charge of negotiating the terms of the treaty.
25. He was part of the delegation that was sent to the disaster area to provide aid.
26. The delegation was given a tour of the facility by the management.
27. The delegation was provided with all necessary information and resources to complete their mission.
28. The delegation was made up of representatives from various departments of the organization.
29. The delegation was given the task of finding a solution to the problem.
30. The delegation was composed of both government and private sector representatives.
31. The delegation was given a warm reception by the host country.

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