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Examples of 'delicacy' in a Sentence


1. The delicacy was so rare and expensive that only the wealthiest could afford it.
2. The food critic raved about the restaurant's delicate and flavorful seafood delicacies.
3. The gourmet store specialized in rare and exotic delicacies, such as black truffle oil.
4. The delicacy was a feast for the senses, with its rich flavors and exquisite presentation.
5. He treated himself to the ultimate delicacy, a decadent chocolate truffle that melted in his mouth.
6. Caviar, a renowned seafood delicacy, graced the extravagant banquet table.
7. Savoring the exotic delicacy, he marveled at the fusion of flavors.
8. Truffles, a prized culinary delicacy, added an earthy richness to the dish.
9. Escargot, a French delicacy, divided diners with its unique texture.
10. Sampling regional delicacies was a highlight of their travel adventures.
11. Foie gras, a controversial delicacy, sparked debates about animal ethics.
12. She indulged in the decadent delicacy of chocolate-covered strawberries.
13. The seafood market displayed a tantalizing array of ocean delicacies.
14. A platter of sushi, a Japanese delicacy, pleased discerning palates.
15. The chef's specialty, lobster bisque, was a velvety seafood delicacy.
16. In the fine dining restaurant, patrons savored the rare delicacy of truffle risotto.
17. The delicacy of marinated olives added depth to the Mediterranean meal.
18. He acquired a taste for the Chinese delicacy, Peking duck.
19. The dessert menu featured the delicacy of crème brûlée.
20. Experiencing the delicacy of wagyu beef was a culinary milestone.
21. The French patisserie was famous for its delicate pastries and macarons.
22. Tasting the exotic delicacy of sashimi was a culinary adventure.
23. She tried the local delicacy, a spicy curry with aromatic herbs.
24. Their anniversary dinner included the delicacy of oysters Rockefeller.
25. The restaurant's chef created a seasonal delicacy, a truffle-infused soup.

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