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Examples of 'delirious' in a Sentence


1. The party was a delirious celebration of their success.
2. The music had a delirious beat that got everyone dancing.
3. After hours of hard work, they were delirious with exhaustion.
4. The unexpected surprise left her feeling delirious with excitement.
5. The feverish dream left him feeling delirious and confused.
6. The wild applause of the audience made the performers feel deliriously proud.
7. The delirious anticipation of the holiday season filled the air.
8. The delirious joy of a child opening presents on Christmas morning is priceless.
9. His delirious rantings made no sense to those around him.
10. The delirious pace of the city left me feeling overwhelmed.
11. The delirious cheers of the fans filled the stadium.
12. The scent of fresh-baked cookies left her feeling deliriously hungry.
13. The delirious feeling of being in love can be overwhelming.
14. The delirious excitement of the adventure was contagious.
15. The feverish patient was delirious and unable to speak coherently.
16. The children were delirious with excitement when they saw the amusement park.
17. The partygoers were delirious with joy as the countdown to midnight began.
18. The musician played a delirious solo that left the audience spellbound.
19. The skydiver felt delirious as she soared through the air.
20. The soccer fans were delirious with happiness when their team won the championship.
21. The actor gave a delirious performance that earned a standing ovation.
22. The passengers on the rollercoaster were delirious with fear and excitement.
23. The painter was in a delirious state of creativity and produced several masterpieces.
24. The couple was delirious with love and couldn't keep their hands off each other.
25. The drug caused the user to become delirious and experience hallucinations.

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