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Examples of 'deluge' in a Sentence

1. The deluge of customers on Black Friday was expected by the store owners.
2. Her speech received a deluge of applause from the audience.
3. The deluge of information online can make it challenging to find accurate sources.
4. The news of the scandal led to a deluge of media coverage.
5. The dam had to be opened to prevent a catastrophic deluge downstream.
6. Despite the deluge, the soccer game continued as scheduled.
7. The sudden deluge of questions caught the presenter off guard.
8. The city's drainage system struggled to handle the deluge of rainwater.
9. The deluge of visitors to the national park caused overcrowding.
10. The deluge of support from the community was heartwarming.
11. A deluge of complaints forced the company to reconsider its policies.
12. He tried to shield his camera from the deluge while capturing the storm.
13. The deluge of books in the library offered endless opportunities for learning.
14. The deluge of data overwhelmed the computer's processing capacity.
15. We stocked up on supplies before the deluge hit our area.
16. A deluge of memories flooded back as she revisited her childhood home.
17. The deluge of emotions she felt at the reunion was indescribable.

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