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Examples of 'deluxe' in a Sentence

1. He purchased a deluxe gaming console with advanced graphics and immersive features.
2. The deluxe tour package included VIP access and personalized guided tours.
3. The deluxe gift set came in an elegant box and included luxury skincare products.
4. The deluxe edition of the book featured a signed copy and exclusive author notes.
5. We enjoyed a deluxe breakfast buffet with a wide selection of gourmet dishes.
6. We booked a deluxe suite for our honeymoon, complete with a private jacuzzi.
7. The deluxe spa treatment left me feeling pampered and rejuvenated.
8. The restaurant's deluxe menu featured gourmet dishes from around the world.
9. His car was a deluxe model with all the latest tech and leather seats.
10. The deluxe cruise ship offered lavish amenities and spacious cabins.
11. Staying at the deluxe beachfront villa was a dream come true.
12. The deluxe edition of the book included exclusive bonus content.
13. The deluxe leather jacket was both stylish and incredibly comfortable.
14. The deluxe home theater system provided an immersive cinematic experience.
15. Our vacation package included a deluxe wine tasting tour.
16. The deluxe package came with a personal butler for added convenience.
17. The hotel's deluxe rooftop bar had breathtaking views of the city.
18. We dined at a deluxe restaurant with a Michelin-starred chef.
19. The deluxe spa resort was a sanctuary of relaxation and tranquility.
20. The deluxe sports car roared to life with impressive speed.
21. She received a deluxe gift basket filled with gourmet treats.
22. The deluxe headphones delivered crystal-clear audio quality.
23. The deluxe penthouse suite featured opulent furnishings and a private terrace.
24. The deluxe gaming console offered cutting-edge graphics and gameplay.
25. The deluxe first-class cabin made the long flight a comfortable journey.


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