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Examples of 'demagogue' in a Sentence

1. Demagogues often rely on scapegoating to gain support.
2. A demagogue's rise to power can be swift and alarming.
3. The demagogue's inflammatory language incited violence.
4. Media plays a role in exposing demagoguery.
5. A demagogue's populism can appeal to disillusioned voters.
6. Demagogues thrive in times of social and economic unrest.
7. The demagogue's tactics were divisive and harmful.
8. Leaders should promote unity, not emulate demagogues.
9. The demagogue's cult of personality obscured his flaws.
10. History teaches us the dangers of unchecked demagoguery.
11. Demagogues often use fear to consolidate power.
12. A vigilant electorate can resist the allure of demagogues.
13. Democracy depends on rejecting demagogic leaders.
14. The demagogue's downfall came when his lies were exposed.
15. Many people are wary of demagogues who exploit popular grievances.
16. The demagogue rallied his supporters with fiery rhetoric.
17. Some demagogues use conspiracy theories to gain followers.
18. The politician was accused of being a demagogue by his opponents.
19. The demagogue's speeches were full of appeals to emotions rather than reason.
20. Some demagogues have risen to power by exploiting economic inequality.
21. The demagogue's divisive tactics have created a lot of social unrest.
22. Many demagogues have a cult-like following among their supporters.
23. The demagogue's scapegoating of minority groups was widely condemned.
24. Some people are attracted to demagogues because of their charismatic personalities.
25. The rise of demagoguery poses a threat to democracy and human rights.

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