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Examples of 'demand' in a Sentence

1. The supply chain was optimized to ensure timely fulfillment of customer demands.
2. The demand for renewable energy sources has been steadily increasing in recent years.
3. The musician's concert tickets sold out within hours due to high demand.
4. The company adjusted their production schedule to align with fluctuating demand.
5. The company implemented dynamic pricing to respond to shifts in demand and optimize revenue.
6. The high demand for the latest smartphone caused long lines at the store.
7. A sudden surge in demand for face masks led to shortages.
8. The musician's concert tickets sold out quickly due to overwhelming demand.
9. The restaurant struggled to meet the demand for its signature dish.
10. The demand for renewable energy sources is growing steadily.
11. The company expanded its production to meet the rising demand.
12. The real estate market saw a spike in demand for suburban homes.
13. Online retailers saw an unprecedented increase in demand during the pandemic.
14. The fashion designer's creations were in high demand among celebrities.
15. The demand for clean water in developing countries remains a pressing issue.
16. The art auction saw fierce demand for rare, collectible paintings.
17. The supply chain disruptions affected the availability of goods in high demand.
18. Meeting customer demand is a top priority for successful businesses.
19. The demand for skilled tech workers continues to outpace supply.
20. The healthcare industry faces an ongoing demand for quality care.
21. The demand for eco-friendly products reflects a shift in consumer values.
22. Educational institutions must adapt to the changing demands of students.
23. The demand for electric vehicles is driving innovation in the auto industry.
24. Meeting the demands of a growing population requires careful planning.
25. Balancing supply and demand is essential for economic stability.

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