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Examples of 'demanding' in a Sentence

1. The strict diet and exercise routine proved demanding but effective for weight loss.
2. The demanding nature of the job caused stress and burnout for some employees.
3. The artist's demanding clients had specific requirements for the commissioned artwork.
4. The mountaineer faced a demanding climb, navigating treacherous terrain and unpredictable weather.
5. The role in the play was emotionally demanding, requiring the actor to portray deep grief and anguish.
6. Her demanding job as a surgeon leaves little time for leisure.
7. Mastering a musical instrument can be a demanding endeavor.
8. The rigorous training program prepared athletes for demanding competitions.
9. Parenting can be emotionally demanding but also incredibly rewarding.
10. His demanding standards pushed the team to achieve excellence.
11. Completing the challenging puzzle was a mentally demanding task.
12. The demanding role of a teacher requires patience and empathy.
13. Climbing Mount Everest is a physically and mentally demanding feat.
14. Writing a novel is a demanding creative process that takes dedication.
15. The job interview included a series of demanding technical questions.
16. Juggling work and family can be mentally and emotionally demanding.
17. The demanding ballet routine showcased the dancers' skills.
18. Launching a startup is a financially demanding venture.
19. Meeting the demanding deadlines was a constant struggle.
20. The chef's demanding culinary techniques resulted in exquisite dishes.
21. The software developer faced a demanding project with tight timelines.
22. The actor's demanding role required intense preparation.
23. Succeeding in the competitive business world is inherently demanding.
24. The lawyer's demanding workload left little time for personal life.
25. The military training was physically demanding but built resilience.

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