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Examples of 'demarcate' in a Sentence


1. Fences were installed to demarcate the construction site.
2. Legal documents clearly demarcate property rights.
3. Signs demarcate the parking spaces in the lot.
4. Cultural norms often demarcate acceptable attire.
5. Guidelines demarcate the scope of the project.
6. Flags were planted to demarcate the racecourse.
7. The treaty aimed to demarcate the disputed territory.
8. The teacher used chalk lines to demarcate the classroom sections.
9. A picket fence can demarcate the garden from the yard.
10. The rules of the game demarcate fair play.
11. Boundaries demarcate personal and professional lives.
12. The laws demarcate legal and illegal activities.
13. The zoning regulations demarcate land use in the city.
14. Surveyors worked diligently to demarcate the property accurately.
15. The border guards will demarcate the line between the two countries.
16. The teacher used a ruler to demarcate the margin on the paper.
17. The surveyor will demarcate the boundaries of the new land development.
18. The engineer will demarcate the construction zone with cones and caution tape.
19. The artist will demarcate the canvas into sections to create a cohesive painting.
20. The city council will demarcate the bike lane with special markings on the road.
21. The landscaper will demarcate the different areas of the garden with different types of plants.
22. The project manager will demarcate the different phases of the project with specific deadlines.
23. The historian will demarcate the different periods of history with key events and dates.
24. The architect will demarcate the different rooms of the house with walls and doors.
25. The referee will demarcate the out-of-bounds area on the soccer field with lines.
26. The border between the two countries was demarcated with a fence.


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