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Examples of 'demeanor' in a Sentence

1. The customer's demeanour during the interaction with the salesperson was friendly and cooperative.
2. The witness's demeanour on the stand was cooperative and honest.
3. The athlete's demeanour during the competition was determined and focused.
4. The prisoner's demeanour during the interview was sullen and uncooperative.
5. The patient's demeanour during the therapy session was open and willing to talk.
6. Her calm demeanor in a crisis inspired confidence.
7. His cheerful demeanor brightened the room.
8. The suspect's nervous demeanor aroused suspicion.
9. The teacher's professional demeanor set a good example.
10. His friendly demeanor made him popular at work.
11. The politician's confident demeanor won over voters.
12. The officer's stern demeanor maintained order.
13. Her stoic demeanor concealed inner turmoil.
14. The doctor's reassuring demeanor comforted patients.
15. A polite demeanor goes a long way in customer service.
16. The child's playful demeanor was infectious.
17. His confident demeanor in negotiations led to success.
18. Her reserved demeanor masked a sharp intellect.
19. The actor's charismatic demeanor captivated the audience.
20. The detective's determined demeanor solved the case.
21. His humble demeanor endeared him to colleagues.
22. The athlete's competitive demeanor drove victory.
23. The waiter's attentive demeanor improved the dining experience.
24. Her caring demeanor made her an excellent nurse.
25. The lawyer's aggressive demeanor intimidated opponents.
26. His authoritative demeanor commanded respect.
27. The comedian's jovial demeanor entertained everyone.
28. A professional demeanor is crucial in business.
29. Her flirtatious demeanor caught his attention.
30. The leader's calm demeanor in a crisis reassured the team.


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