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Examples of 'demise' in a Sentence

1. The historical records show that the economic demise of the empire was gradual.
2. The heroine’s tragic demise in the novel moved me to tears.
3. The lawyer explained the terms regarding the distribution of property after his client's demise.
4. After the demise of the dictator, the country transitioned into a democracy.
5. Environmentalists are working tirelessly to prevent the demise of endangered species around the world.
6. The demise of the old factory marked the end of an era in our town's history.
7. Her sudden demise left us all in shock, struggling to come to terms with it.
8. The demise of the ancient civilization remains a topic of great debate among historians.
9. The gradual demise of the newspaper industry is a sign of the digital age's impact.
10. The demise of their friendship was inevitable, given their constant conflicts.
11. The economic turmoil led to the demise of several small businesses in the area.
12. Despite his illness, he faced his demise with remarkable courage and grace.
13. The slow demise of the historic building saddened the entire community.
14. The demise of the monarchy was met with both celebration and mourning.
15. His reckless behavior ultimately led to the demise of his career in politics.
16. The gradual demise of traditional family values has sparked societal changes.
17. The tragic demise of the endangered species highlights the importance of conservation.
18. The demise of their relationship was marked by a bitter and drawn-out breakup.
19. The demise of the old library ushered in a new era of digital learning.
20. The demise of the coal industry has raised questions about job security in the region.
21. The sudden demise of the company's CEO raised concerns about its future.
22. The artist's demise didn't stop the appreciation of his work; it soared in value.
23. The slow demise of the rainforest ecosystem threatens countless species.
24. The demise of the traditional family dinner is a consequence of busy modern life.

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