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Examples of 'demonstrator' in a Sentence

1. The demonstrator's chants echoed through the streets.
2. The young demonstrator inspired others with their activism.
3. The police formed a barrier between the demonstrators and the event.
4. The demonstrator's energy invigorated the protest.
5. The demonstrators demanded justice for the marginalized.
6. The demonstrator's dedication to the cause was unwavering.
7. A diverse group of demonstrators gathered in the city square.
8. The demonstrators peacefully called for an end to violence.
9. The veteran demonstrator shared stories of past movements.
10. The masked demonstrator symbolized the fight against oppression.
11. The demonstrator's commitment to change was commendable.
12. Demonstrators held hands in a show of unity.
13. The determined demonstrator refused to back down.
14. The city was filled with demonstrators advocating for equality.
15. The demonstrators peacefully marched through the city streets, demanding climate action.
16. The crowd of demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse, advocating for justice.
17. Police officers formed a barricade to prevent the demonstrators from entering the restricted area.
18. The student demonstrators chanted slogans and called for educational reforms.
19. The anti-war demonstrators filled the park, urging an end to the conflict.
20. The human rights demonstrators raised their voices against discrimination and inequality.
21. The environmental demonstrators staged a sit-in to protect a threatened ecosystem.
22. The labor union demonstrators marched in solidarity for fair wages and better working conditions.
23. The animal rights demonstrators peacefully protested outside the factory farm.
24. The civil rights demonstrators invoked the spirit of equality and justice as they rallied for change.
25. The anti-corruption demonstrators demanded accountability from the government officials.

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