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Examples of 'demote' in a Sentence


1. The coach will demote players who don't follow team rules.
2. The algorithm will demote websites that provide low-quality content.
3. If the supervisor continues to disregard protocols, the board will demote him.
4. In certain games, losing matches can demote a player to a lower rank.
5. The editorial board might demote an article if it does not meet the publication’s standards.
6. Failure to meet sales quotas could cause the company to demote some staff members.
7. The streaming service will demote shows with low viewer ratings.
8. The airline may demote the priority of luggage if it exceeds weight limits.
9. The search engine will demote pages that are not mobile-friendly.
10. The university may demote a professor for unethical behavior.
11. The organization might demote employees who fail to uphold its values.
12. The credit rating agency could demote a country's credit status in case of economic instability.
13. If the product fails to pass quality checks, the company will demote it to a lower grade.
14. The network might demote the TV show to a less popular time slot due to low ratings.

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