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Examples of 'demotic' in a Sentence

1. A demotic mural adorns the town square.
2. They preserve their demotic customs with pride.
3. Demotic cuisine is a flavorful journey.
4. In their demotic attire, they honor tradition.
5. Folk tales carry the wisdom of the demotic.
6. Demotic values foster a strong sense of unity.
7. The demotic dialect is spoken with warmth.
8. A demotic festival is a lively affair.
9. Demotic poetry resonates with authenticity.
10. Their demotic rituals connect past and present.
11. The demotic market buzzes with activity.
12. Demotic folklore weaves tales of resilience.
13. Local artisans craft demotic masterpieces.
14. The demotic theater welcomes all with open arms.
15. Demotic literature shares everyday stories.
16. In the demotic village, neighbors are family.
17. Demotic symbols adorn their sacred spaces.
18. Their demotic heritage is a source of strength.
19. Demotic wisdom is a treasure passed down.


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