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Examples of 'denigrate' in a Sentence

1. The article aims to denigrate the achievements of the activist.
2. To denigrate someone based on their appearance is both cruel and shallow.
3. In an attempt to gain an advantage, some businesses denigrate their competitors' products.
4. It's not fair to denigrate someone's efforts when they are trying their best.
5. The media should not denigrate individuals without substantial evidence.
6. Celebrities often face online trolls who denigrate them on social media.
7. The old theory continues to denigrate the role of women in history.
8. Some companies denigrate the importance of sustainable practices.
9. The speaker used sarcasm to denigrate the proposals of the opposition.
10. It is common for individuals with low self-esteem to denigrate their own achievements.
11. It is a poor strategy to denigrate the competition rather than improving your own product.
12. The movie tries to denigrate traditional values by portraying them negatively.
13. The professor advised students not to denigrate sources that contradict their views.
14. She denigrated the other candidates, calling them unqualified.


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