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Examples of 'denounce' in a Sentence

1. The council will denounce the misuse of funds if evidence of corruption is found.
2. If the policy does not change, several advocacy groups have stated they will denounce it.
3. The artist used his work to denounce social inequalities in his country.
4. Citizens have the right to peacefully denounce government actions they believe are unjust.
5. The celebrity plans to denounce the tabloid for spreading false information about her.
6. The committee may denounce the company's practices if they are found to be unethical.
7. The school principal will denounce bullying in a letter to parents and students.
8. The victims’ families will denounce the court’s decision if it is not fair.
9. The shareholders will denounce the CEO's decision if it negatively affects stock prices.
10. The newspaper will denounce the lack of transparency in the city’s recent dealings.
11. The teacher plans to denounce plagiarism and emphasize the importance of original work.
12. The health organization is going to denounce the promotion of unhealthy food to children.
13. If the movie portrays history inaccurately, historians will likely denounce it.
14. The religious leader denounced the use of violence in the name of their faith.


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