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Examples of 'density' in a Sentence

1. The engineer took into account the density of the air when designing the new airplane.
2. The density of the forest made it difficult to navigate through without a machete.
3. The increasing density of skyscrapers in the city has changed its skyline dramatically.
4. The report shows the density of various materials in a table for easy comparison.
5. The sponge’s low density allows it to float on water.
6. The density of stars in that region of space is why it's referred to as a star cluster.
7. The meteorologist discussed the density of the cloud cover as a factor in the upcoming storm.
8. The density of traffic on the freeway determines the average speed of the vehicles.
9. The physicist explained how the density of an object affects its buoyancy in a fluid.
10. The density of the liquid was greater than that of the gas.
11. Population density varies significantly from city to city.
12. The high-density foam provides excellent cushioning.
13. Density plays a crucial role in material strength.
14. The density of information online can be overwhelming.
15. Density affects the buoyancy of an object in water.
16. Urban planning considers population density.
17. Density is a fundamental concept in physics.
18. The density of the forest gave it an eerie feel.
19. The density of traffic caused long delays.
20. Increasing the density of the solution enhanced its properties.
21. Air density decreases at higher altitudes.
22. Density influences the taste of a given substance.
23. The star's density determines its eventual fate.
24. Scientists measure the density of celestial objects.
25. Soil density affects plant growth.
26. The city's high population density led to congestion.
27. Density fluctuations can impact weather patterns.
28. Density gradients drive fluid flow.
29. The density of the material affected its durability.

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