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Examples of 'denunciation' in a Sentence

1. After the scandal, denunciations from the public were swift and severe.
2. His career never recovered after such a public denunciation.
3. The press conference became a platform for her denunciation of the law.
4. The book is a denunciation of totalitarian regimes and their methods.
5. Citizens rallied in support, despite the mayor's denunciation.
6. His denunciation of racial prejudice was both powerful and moving.
7. Amid cheers, there was also audible denunciation from a few attendees.
8. The leader's denunciation of the treaty took many by surprise.
9. The council's denunciation made headlines and sparked debates.
10. A wave of denunciation followed the controversial verdict announcement.
11. The denunciation of the proposed bill was sharp and unanimous.
12. She faced both praise and denunciation for her unconventional methods.
13. His poem served as a lyrical denunciation of societal norms.
14. The organization faced denunciation from environmental groups globally.
15. Parents joined in the denunciation of the new educational system.
16. Amidst applause, the artist also faced denunciation for his provocative pieces.
17. Their open denunciation of the dictator risked their lives.
18. The movie's premiere was overshadowed by its denunciation from critics.
19. She wrote a passionate letter of denunciation, criticizing the unjust policies.

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