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Examples of 'deny' in a Sentence


1. The government might deny a visa if the applicant has a criminal record.
2. The security system will deny access to anyone without a valid ID card.
3. The bank could deny the loan if the applicant has a poor credit history.
4. The program will deny admission to students who do not fulfill the prerequisites.
5. The airline may deny boarding to passengers who arrive late.
6. The store manager can deny a refund if the customer doesn't have a receipt.
7. The gaming platform will deny access to users with a history of cheating.
8. The website may deny posting privileges to those who violate community guidelines.
9. The embassy may deny a passport renewal under certain circumstances.
10. The organization may deny membership to individuals who do not share its values.
11. The security guard might deny entry to the building during non-working hours.
12. The medical board can deny a license to practice if the applicant fails the examination.
13. The landlord may deny the tenant’s request to keep pets in the apartment.
14. The suspect vehemently denied any involvement in the crime.


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