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Examples of 'deontology' in a Sentence


1. Many religious teachings align with deontology's emphasis on duty.
2. Deontology provides a structured approach to ethical decision-making.
3. Ethical dilemmas often require applying deontological principles.
4. Deontology can clash with consequentialism in moral debates.
5. Studying deontology helps individuals navigate complex moral issues.
6. Deontology is a moral theory that emphasizes duty and rules.
7. The ethics class discussed the principles of deontology.
8. Kant's philosophy is closely associated with deontology.
9. Deontology focuses on the morality of actions themselves.
10. The lecture covered the main tenets of deontology.
11. Deontology considers the intentions behind actions.
12. The debate centered around the merits of deontology versus consequentialism.
13. Some people find comfort in the clear guidelines of deontology.
14. Deontology can sometimes lead to ethical dilemmas.
15. The professor explained the complexities of deontology to the students.
16. Deontology emphasizes treating individuals with respect and dignity.
17. The company's code of conduct was based on deontological principles.
18. He struggled with applying deontology to real-world situations.
19. Deontology provides a structured framework for moral decision-making.
20. The debate club explored the pros and cons of deontology.
21. The seminar delved into the history and development of deontology.
22. The medical field often grapples with ethical questions rooted in deontology.
23. Critics argue that deontology can sometimes lead to rigid moral judgments.
24. The application of deontology varies across different cultural contexts.

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