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Examples of 'depart' in a Sentence

1. After years of service, it's hard for him to depart from his loyal team.
2. As the sun sets, birds often depart to find their resting places.
3. Let's not depart from our principles, even in the face of adversity.
4. Their decision to depart from tradition sparked a lively debate.
5. Before you depart on your journey, make sure you have all your essentials.
6. With a heavy heart, she had to depart from her childhood home.
7. The opportunity to depart on this adventure was too enticing to resist.
8. The scent of spring flowers made it difficult to depart from the garden.
9. It's essential to depart from negativity to find inner peace.
10. Despite the challenges, they refused to depart from their dreams.
11. The time has come to depart from this chapter of our lives.
12. The astronaut will soon depart for a mission to explore distant planets.
13. As winter approaches, migratory birds depart for warmer climates.
14. In order to grow, we must sometimes depart from our old ways.
15. The passengers lined up to depart from the gate.
16. We should depart early to avoid traffic on the way to the airport.
17. The ship will depart from the harbor at dawn.
18. After saying their goodbyes, the friends departed in different directions.
19. The team decided to depart from their usual strategy and try something new.
20. The bus departed promptly at the scheduled time.
21. The hikers prepared to depart from the campsite and continue their journey.
22. The flight attendants instructed the passengers on how to safely depart the aircraft.
23. The students were sad to see their teacher depart at the end of the school year.
24. He announced his decision to depart from the company and pursue other opportunities.


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