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Examples of 'depict' in a Sentence


1. The photographer's images accurately depict the urban life of the city.
2. Her poetry eloquently depicts the depths of human emotion.
3. The playwright skillfully depicts the struggles of the working class.
4. The graphic novel creatively depicts a dystopian future society.
5. The painting will depict a serene lakeside at dawn.
6. The movie aims to depict the struggles of a young musician.
7. The novel will depict a dystopian society set in the future.
8. The artist plans to depict emotions through abstract forms and colors.
9. The children's book will depict animals living in the jungle.
10. The TV series will depict the life of a famous historical figure.
11. The magazine article will depict the challenges faced by small business owners.
12. The sculpture will depict a scene from Greek mythology.
13. The graphic novel aims to depict a superhero's journey.
14. The photographs will depict the beauty and diversity of different cultures.
15. The video game seeks to depict an open world with endless possibilities.
16. The poem will depict the sorrow of a man who has lost everything.
17. The advertisement will depict the product as a solution to various problems.
18. The map will depict the trade routes of ancient civilizations.
19. The mural will depict the city's history and its people.
20. The play will depict a tragic love story set in the 19th century.
21. The animation will depict a fantasy world with dragons and magic.
22. The biography will depict the personal and professional life of the scientist.
23. The book depicted the life of a famous historical figure.

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