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Examples of 'deplete' in a Sentence


1. The ongoing war has the potential to deplete the country's manpower.
2. High consumption of sugary drinks can deplete your energy levels.
3. Frequent use of antibiotics can deplete your body's natural defenses.
4. Rapid urbanization can deplete open spaces and natural habitats.
5. It's essential to plant trees to combat deforestation and deplete carbon emissions.
6. Overfishing in the area may deplete the fish population.
7. The constant use of air conditioning can deplete energy resources.
8. The marathon runner needs to eat properly so as not to deplete his energy reserves.
9. The mining activities will deplete the mineral resources in the region.
10. The extensive farming practices could deplete the soil of its nutrients.
11. The town's water supply will deplete if residents do not conserve water.
12. Using too many natural resources too quickly can deplete them for future generations.
13. The rapid growth of the city might deplete the availability of affordable housing.
14. Running too many electrical appliances at once can deplete the power grid.
15. If the government doesn't act, the economic crisis will deplete the country's reserves.
16. The constant stress can deplete your mental energy over time.
17. The invasive species will deplete the native plants if left unchecked.
18. The overuse of antibiotics can deplete their effectiveness against infections.
19. The heavy traffic can deplete the air quality in urban areas.
20. The athlete needs to manage his effort during the race so as not to deplete his stamina.
21. Using chemical fertilizers extensively will deplete the natural fertility of the soil.
22. The prolonged conflict could deplete the country's food and medical supplies.
23. The excessive withdrawal of groundwater may deplete the aquifers.
24. Frequent withdrawals from your savings account will quickly deplete your funds.


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