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Examples of 'depository' in a Sentence


1. The national archive is a depository of the country's heritage.
2. The depository box at the post office is a safe place to receive mail.
3. The jewelry store has a depository for customers' precious gems.
4. The depository room is accessible only to authorized personnel.
5. The museum's depository includes artifacts from ancient civilizations.
6. The library serves as a depository for rare books and manuscripts.
7. The historical society maintains a depository of local history.
8. The university's library is a depository for academic publications.
9. The depository bank safeguards valuable assets for its clients.
10. The government agency has a depository for classified documents.
11. The art gallery is a depository of contemporary art pieces.
12. The archaeological depository stores artifacts from excavations.
13. The digital depository contains a vast collection of multimedia.
14. The depository box in the courthouse receives legal filings.
15. The warehouse serves as a depository for surplus goods.
16. The music depository houses rare recordings and scores.
17. The bank offers a depository service for safekeeping of funds.
18. The scientific depository preserves biological specimens.
19. The museum's depository is a treasure trove of cultural heritage.

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