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Examples of 'deprave' in a Sentence

1. The exploitative industry seeks to deprave vulnerable individuals for profit.
2. Online predators often use manipulative tactics to deprave the innocence of their victims.
3. It is crucial to safeguard children from exposure to content that could deprave their moral development.
4. The controversial art piece aimed to challenge societal norms but was accused of attempting to deprave public morals.
5. The writer's novel explored the themes of corruption and power, showcasing how easily society can be depraved.
6. The sinister influence began to deprave his once-virtuous character.
7. Some argue that violent video games can deprave young minds.
8. He sought to deprave the innocence of the impressionable youth.
9. The corrupt regime's actions continued to deprave society.
10. Excessive exposure to negativity can deprave one's outlook on life.
11. They worried that the dark web would deprave their children.
12. The relentless propaganda campaign aimed to deprave truth.
13. Art should inspire, not deprave the human spirit.
14. The scandalous scandal threatened to deprave public trust.
15. Greed can slowly deprave even the most ethical individuals.
16. The cult leader's manipulative tactics sought to deprave his followers.
17. They vowed to protect their community from depraving influences.
18. It's essential to shield young minds from depraving content.
19. The corrupt corporation's actions continued to deprave ethics.
20. The novel's controversial themes sparked debates about what can deprave literature.
21. Society must confront factors that deprave moral values.
22. Apathy can deprave one's sense of social responsibility.
23. The documentary shed light on forces that can deprave society.
24. They worked tirelessly to prevent crime from further depraving the city.
25. Parents play a crucial role in shielding their children from depraving influences.


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