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Examples of 'deprecate' in a Sentence

1. Many health experts deprecate the consumption of too much junk food.
2. The council tends to deprecate any plans that don’t align with their vision.
3. The coach will deprecate the team's lack of effort if they don't start practicing seriously.
4. Authors might deprecate the habit of not giving credit to original sources.
5. She tends to deprecate any fashion trend that she doesn’t understand.
6. Critics often deprecate the lack of creativity in modern movies.
7. The chef deprecates the excessive use of spices which mask the natural flavors.
8. The manager deprecates the employees’ habit of coming late to work.
9. It's common for parents to deprecate reckless driving among teenagers.
10. Many in the tech industry deprecate the use of outdated software.
11. The priest deprecates the lack of spirituality among the younger generation.
12. Nutritionists deprecate skipping breakfast, as it is an important meal of the day.
13. The architect deprecates the construction of buildings without considering environmental impact.
14. He depreciated the new book, calling it poorly written.


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