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Examples of 'depreciate' in a Sentence

1. Some collectibles appreciate in value, while others depreciate.
2. Inflation can erode savings and cause money to depreciate.
3. Regular maintenance can slow down the rate at which assets depreciate.
4. Currency values can fluctuate, causing foreign investments to depreciate.
5. Wise financial planning accounts for how assets may depreciate in value.
6. It is crucial to understand how currencies depreciate over time.
7. If you don't maintain the property, it will depreciate faster.
8. Economists predict that the new policies will cause the currency to depreciate.
9. As cars age, they generally depreciate in value.
10. Many fear that the housing market will depreciate in the coming months.
11. If we don't take action, the overall asset value might depreciate.
12. Certain collectibles, contrary to expectation, can depreciate rapidly.
13. Technological advancements can make electronic devices depreciate quickly.
14. The luxury goods depreciate as soon as they leave the store.
15. Investors must be cautious, as stocks can depreciate without warning.
16. I've heard that the brand's quality has caused it to depreciate in the market.
17. If you buy this type of vehicle, it will depreciate slower than others.
18. Market analysts disagree on whether the asset will depreciate or not.
19. Some argue that fiscal stimulus can cause a nation's currency to depreciate.
20. This financial strategy will help ensure that your investment doesn't depreciate too quickly.
21. As resources become scarce, the value of the goods may depreciate.
22. The mismanagement of the company has led some to predict that its stock will depreciate.
23. Keeping track of how assets depreciate is essential for accurate accounting.
24. It's common knowledge that certain materials depreciate with exposure to harsh weather.

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