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Examples of 'depredation' in a Sentence

1. The government implemented stricter laws to prevent depredation of archaeological sites.
2. Urban areas often experience depredation in the form of graffiti and vandalism.
3. The depredation of natural habitats led to the endangerment of several animal species.
4. Despite efforts to curb illegal hunting, depredation of wildlife continued unabated.
5. The castle's walls bore scars from centuries of depredation during wartime.
6. Conservationists worked tirelessly to reverse the depredation caused by pollution in the river.
7. Local communities suffered economic losses due to the depredation of their fishing grounds.
8. The depredation caused by invasive species disrupted the delicate balance of the ecosystem.
9. Authorities were determined to put an end to the depredation of historical landmarks by vandals.
10. The coastal town's beachfront experienced depredation from storms and erosion.
11. The depredation of resources in the region led to conflicts among different communities.
12. Researchers studied the depredation patterns of predators in the wilderness.
13. Efforts to rehabilitate the forest focused on reversing the depredation caused by wildfires.
14. The company's security measures aimed to prevent depredation of confidential data by hackers.

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