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Examples of 'deprivation' in a Sentence

1. The non-profit organization aims to address the deprivation of healthcare in underserved communities.
2. The government implemented policies to combat child deprivation and ensure their well-being.
3. The study found a correlation between economic deprivation and higher crime rates.
4. The therapist provided support to individuals struggling with emotional deprivation and trauma.
5. The social worker worked tirelessly to alleviate the deprivation experienced by homeless individuals.
6. Poverty often leads to severe deprivation of basic needs.
7. Sleep deprivation can have detrimental effects on health.
8. The prisoner endured years of solitary confinement and deprivation.
9. Food deprivation is a pressing issue in many developing countries.
10. The child's neglectful upbringing resulted in emotional deprivation.
11. Deprivation of liberty is a violation of human rights.
12. The effects of sensory deprivation experiments are well-documented.
13. Many struggle with the deprivation of social interaction during the pandemic.
14. Financial deprivation can lead to stress and anxiety.
15. The therapist helped him cope with feelings of emotional deprivation.
16. Deprivation of educational opportunities perpetuates inequality.
17. Chronic sleep deprivation can impair cognitive function.
18. The charity aims to alleviate hunger and deprivation.
19. Deprivation can lead to a cycle of poverty.
20. Lack of access to clean water is a form of deprivation.
21. Sleep deprivation is a common issue in modern society.
22. The government launched programs to address nutritional deprivation.
23. The prisoner's legal team argued against the deprivation of rights.
24. Economic deprivation can hinder personal development.
25. Addressing social deprivation is essential for community well-being.

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