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Examples of 'derail' in a Sentence

1. Poor communication can often derail a good working relationship.
2. They must address these technical issues quickly, so they don't derail the software launch.
3. An injury has the potential to derail an athlete’s career.
4. The community is concerned that the new development could derail the neighborhood's character.
5. A sudden change in market conditions can derail an investment strategy.
6. The teachers are worried that budget cuts will derail the educational programs.
7. The family hopes that no obstacles will derail their plans for a summer vacation.
8. The company took preventive measures to ensure that cyber attacks don’t derail their operations.
9. His sudden indecisiveness could derail the whole negotiation process.
10. The scandal threatens to derail the politician's campaign.
11. She had to overcome many personal challenges that threatened to derail her academic career.
12. They need to resolve their differences, or they might derail the success of the partnership.
13. Procrastination can derail your productivity and lead to unnecessary stress.
14. A mechanical failure could derail the train’s schedule.


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